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Porter Cable 148354-03 Bit Clip

Porter Cable 148354-03 Bit Clip

$8.70 + Free Shipping
Porter Cable
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Miter Saw Parts
Porter Cable 148354-03 Bit Clip
$8.70 + Free Shipping
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Product Overview


  • Genuine, OEM Porter Cable Bit Clip, part# 148354-03
  • Genuine, OEM Porter Cable parts


  • (1) Bit Clip

    Complete Fitment List

    Porter Cable Miter Saw Parts
    PS350, PS350

    Porter Cable Drill Parts
    SS18SB-2, SS14C-2, SS18C, PC1800CHD, PC18CHD, SS12D, SS12C, SS12C, SS18, PCL180CDK-2, BDCDD220C, PCL180CD, SS14, SS14C, PC180CHDK-2, DCK759, DW928K2, DW927K2, DW927K-2, DW928K-2, DW929K-2, DC759KA, DW929K2, DW927KV-2, DC727KA, DC727VA, DC728KA, DW959K-2, DW959K-2, DC970K-2, CD1200SK, PS9600K, PS1440K, CD1402K, HP1440KG, CD1440SKA, FS840K, CDC1440K, CDC1800, DW989K2HQ, DW988K-2H, HP1800K, CD9600K, CD9600K, LDX112C, CD182K-2, PS1200K, DW984KV-2, DW983K-2, DW987K-2, Q120K, Q120K, PS3500K, PS310, PS310, PS330K, PS3300K, PS3300K, HP331K-2, HP131K-2, HP131K-2, HP532K-2, HP431K-2, HP431K-2, HP331K-2, HP532K-2, CD9600BK, FS1442K12, FS1802K12, BD2305, CD9600K-2, CD9600K-2, HP1440K, CD1440K, CD1200K, CD1200K, CD1800K, CD1800K, CD231K, CD231K, DW980K-2, DW989K-2, DW984K-2, DW988K-2, DW989K2HG, CDC120AK, CDC140AK, CDC180AK, TV230K, DC984VA, 11277, DW985K2HQ, DW985K2HG, 11232, DC987KA, DC988KA, CD1800SKA, BDCDMT120IA, TVH12K2, CDC140ASB, CDC140ASB, CDC120ASB, LDX112PK, DC980KA, DC983KA, PS1800K, CDC1200, LDX112SFSB, BDCDMT120-2, DC920KA, DC935VA, DC936VA, BDCDMT120, CD231K-2, DW989KV-2, CRT129K, DW985K-2, DW985KV-2, DW988KV-2, CD632K, CD632K, CD431K, CD431K, PS3200, PS3200K, PS3200K-2, PS350K, Q125K-2, Q145K, Q145K, PS3600, PS3600K, PS3600K-2, 16496, Q185K, Q140K, PS3700K-2, PS3700K, PS320, PS320, PS320K-2, PS320K, 11238, VP870K, FS1560, HP932K-2, HP932K-2, HP231K-2, HP231K-2, Q129K, Q115K, PS3500K-2, PS3500K-2, PS330, PS3500, PS330, FS632K-2, FS432K-2, FS1201K-2, FS1320K-2, CDC9600KB, CDC18SB-2, DC925KA, DC936KA, CD182SB-2, DCD939KX, DCD939KX, DCD939VX, DCD939VX, BD2300, DCD959KX, DCD959KX, DCD959VX, DC940KA, DC925VA, DC926KA, DC930KA, DC926VA, CDC180ASB, CDC180ASB, TV250K, TV250K, VP871K, LDX112BLITZ, DCD951KL, LDX112C-2, CD1800SB, CD18SFK, PS3750K, CD180GK-2, CD180S, CD18SRK-2, CD18SRK-2, PS3725K, PS3750K-2, TV260K-2, PS3525K, PS3550K, PS3650K-2, CD120S, CD120S, CD120S, PS3650K, CD140S, CD140S, CD180GRK, CD18SFRK, CD9602SB, CD120GK, CD140GK, CD142SK, CD18GSRK, BCD702C1, PS3625K-2, PS3625K18, PS310P, PS3725K-2, PS3350K, PS3625K, CD180SK, CD1200SKA, CD9602K, CD9602K, PS7240K, CD1200SK, CD1200SK, BDC120VA100, LDX172PK, LD120VA-8, LD120CBF, LD120VA, LD120-2VA, LDX172C, SSL20C, SSL20SB, SSL20SB-2, PSO1800, PS1800K, PS1800AK, PS1440K, PS1800B, BDCDE120, BDCDE120C, BDCDE120C, PS1200K, PS1200K, PS1800K, PS1200K, PCC608LB, BCD703C1, PS1200AK, PS1800DL, VP840T, VP840, 11260, VP825T, VP830T, VP860, VP860T, VP820K, VP825K, VP825K, VP830, TS250, VP820T, VP820T, 11261, BDCDD120C, DW925K-2, 9049KC-04, 9045-27, BD14PSK, DC927KA, DCD775B, DCD760B, FS12PSK, BD18PSK, DC725K-2, BD18PS, DC927KL, DC725B, LDX220SBFC, DC730KA, DC901KL, DC901KL, DC910KL, FS18PSLW, FS12PS, DC725VA, DCD770KL, LDX220SB, FS18PSK, DC720KA, FS18PS, FS14PSK, FS14PS, DCD760KL, DCD775KL, LDX220SB-2, DC742VA, DC725KA, DC742KA, 9049K-1, 9049-25, 9045-04, 9045-04, 9045-04, TV200K, 9049-27, 9045T, 9045-1, 9045, 9045, 9049K, 9045, TS220, TS220, TS230, TS230, 9049A, 9049A, TS221, TV200, 9045-25, 9049, 9049, 9045-24, 9045-25, 9045-24, 9049KC-04, 9049KB, 9049-24, 9049-04, 9049-04, 9049, DW995QDK, DR260B, DC668KA, DR260C, DR340B, D962K2-04, D952K-04, D953K-04, D953K-04, MTE23, MTE23, D991K-04, ECD700K, D994KQ-04, 2755K, 2755K-2, 2840K-2, 2861K-2, 2894K-AU, 2894K-2, 2894KQ, 2899K, 2757K, 2852B, 2872B, 2870KQ, 2870K-2, 2870K-AU, 2852B, 2897K, 2872K-2, 2872K-2, 2872B, 2757K, 2757K-2, 2757K-2, 2852K-2, 2874K-2, 2894K, 2852K-2, 2874K-2, 2898K-AU, 2895K, D964K2-04, MTE22, DW974K, DW990KQ-2, DW991KQ-2, DW972K-2, DW972K-2, DW972K-2, DW972K-2, DW972K-2, DW972K-2, DW962B, DW953, DW962K-2, DW962K, DW962K-2, DW969K-2, DW994KQ, DW991KQ-2, DW994KQ, DW991KQ-2, DW997K, DW998K, DW998K, DW997K, DW964K, DW968K-2, DW964K-2, DW971K-2, DW971K-2, DW971K-2, DW971K-2, DW971K-2, DW991B, DW975B, DW975B, DW975B, DW975B, DW995K-2, DW995K-2, DW996K, DW996KV-2, DW996KV-2, DW991B, DW991B, DW995K, DW991B, DW995K, DW995K, DW995K-2, DW995K-2, DW952K-AU, DW952K, D972K2-04, D974K2-04, DW991K, DW991K, DW997B, DW996K-AU, DW974KQ, DW977K, DW977K, DW974K-2, DW974KQ, DW974KQ, DW974K-2, DW974K-2, DW972KQ-2, DW972KQ-2, DW972KQ-2, DW972K, DW953K-AU, DW953K-AU, DW953K-2, DW997KV-2, DW997KV-2, DW998QDK, DW954K-2, DW953K-2, DW953K-2, DW953K-2, DW953K-2, DW953KV-2, DW954K-2, 2872KQ, 2874B, 2872KQ, 2870B, 2820K, 2874K, 2874B, 2874K, 2898B, 2898B, 2898K, 2898K, DW961K-2, DW953K, DW953K, DW953K, DW952B, DW952B, DW952B, DW995QDB, DC900KL, DW976K, DW991K-2, DW991K-2, DW991K-2, DW992K-2, DW991K-2, DW991K-2, DW970, DW970, DW992K-2, DW998KV-2, DW998KV-2, BDGL12K, BDGL14K-2, BDGL1440, BDGL1800, BDGL18K-2, BDGL1200, DC750KA, DC750KA, DW979, DW907K-2, DW907K-2, DW926K-2, DW926K-2, DC520P, DW907K2HQ, PCC601LB, PCC601LA, DC841KA, DC841KA, DC841KA, DC820B, DC820B, DC825B, DC825B, DC825B, BDC752, BDC752K, 11228, VPD850K, SP1400D-2, FSX1800HD-2, FSX1800HD, SP1800D-2, FSX18HD, HP18VSB-2, FS18D, FS1400D-2, FS1200D-2, FS1800D-2, FS1800D, FS2400D-2, HPD14K-2, HPD18K-2, HPD18K-2, HPD14AK-2, HPD1400, HPD1800, HPD1800, HPG1800, 9052KC-04, 9052KC-04, DW960K-2, ECD620, HPD18AK-2, HPD18AK-2, BD7241-25, 9052KC, 9052, 9052KC, 9052-04, 9052, DW920K-2, DW960P, DW960W, DW960K-2, DW960B, DW960K, QP1800K-2, QP1800, TVH1800K2, BTC400LB, DCD920KX, DCD930VX, DCD940KX, DCD940KX, DCD950B, DCD950B, DCD950B, DCD970KL, DCD950KX, DCD950KX, DCD950KX, DCD970KL, DCD970KL, DCD910KX, DCD950VX, DCD950VX, DCD950VX, DCD960KL

    Porter Cable Screwdriver Parts
    BDCDDBT120C, DW995B, DW995B, DW995B, DW952K-2, DW952K-2, DW952K-2, DW952K-2, DW972B, DW972B, DW972B, DW972B, DW972B, DW996K-2, DW996K-2, DW996K-2, DW996K-2, DC520K, DC520KA, DC520W, DW979K, 2802K

    Porter Cable Hammer Drill Parts
    DC989VA, DC985KA, DC985VA, DC984KA, DC989KA, DC988VA, DC986KA, DW998K-2, DW998K-2, DW998K-2, DW997K-2, DW997K-2, DW997K-2, DW975K, DW975K, DW975K, DW975K, DCD930KX, DCD930KX

    Porter Cable Impact Driver Parts
    DC935KA, PCCK647LB, 2810K, DW977B, DW967K, DW967K, 2812K, 2812K, 2812B, 2812B, DW958K-2, DW958K-2, DW958K-2, DC855KA, DC855KA, DCF826KL, DCF826KL, DC825K, DC825KA, DC825KA, DC825KA, DC827KL, DC835KA, DC845KA, DC845KA, DC845KA, DC827KL, DC827KL, DC835KA, DC835KA, DC825KA, BTC440LB, BDCDHP220SB-2

    Porter Cable Impact Wrench Parts
    46133, PCCK607LB, 9049KC, DW990K-2, DW990K-2, DW990K-2, DW990K-2, DC822KL, DC822KL, DC822KL, DC823KA, DC823KA, DC823KA, DC820K, DC833KA, DC833KA, DC820KA, DC820KA, DC820KA, DC830KA, DC830KA, DC830KA, DC840KA, DC840KA, DC823B, DC823B

    Porter Cable Drywall Gun Parts

    Porter Cable Rotary Hammer Parts
    PCC621LB, DW996KQ

    Porter Cable Tool Kit Parts

    Porter Cable Paint Remover Parts

    Porter Cable Charger Parts

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